Sunday, 6 April 2008

White oskmas!

I woke up feeling older. Not really, but the calendar says I am, and who am I to argue.
It's my birthday, and it's snowing outside and actually sticking to things, which is rare in London, especially in April, when my birthday is. Today. There's a metaphor there, but I've not long woken up.

Methinks I now officially start pushing-thirty. Also, today begins my latest drive to actually start using this thing again.

A lot has happened since the previous posts, but you'll just have to rent series 26 and 27 on DVD.

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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Dirty bird

Many tits afluter, but not a cock in sight.

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Thursday, 22 February 2007


If I were a cheese I'd be a neufchâtel—a traditional soft, white table cheese from Normandy in France. Neufchâtel smells and tastes of mushrooms. It has a dry, velvety rind, and a grainy texture. When mature, Neufchâtel develops a bitter, slaty, acrid taste.

What cheese be you?

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Friday, 24 February 2006

The Religious Right Was Right All Along

Bible-totin' Christians have tried to warn us all along of the dangers that relaxing the definition of marriage to include gay couples would entail. Over and over they tried to explain how by allowing this one aberration we'd be opening the floodgates for unspeakable and unnatural depravities to seep in and irreversibly stain the fabric of our God fearing society. Well I'll be damned, the fuckers were right.

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Thursday, 23 February 2006

I'm New to the Realm


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Break a Beat

Best of luck to my pal and roomie Randy Gibson and his partner-in-kunst Johari Mayfield. Their piece Room which had been selected to be part of the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art is being performed as part of the friday keynote lineup which includes Alvin Lucier. You go girl!

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Bluring the Boundaries

The work of sculpture students at The Cooper Union is so advanced, it requires instruction in order for us lesser beings to comprehend. Viva l'avant-garde!


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Close Encounters of the Mormon Kind

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Saturday, 18 February 2006


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Tuesday, 3 January 2006

The penalty for jumping off a building is death

And other such New York City laws that you should be aware of. Let's start the new year right people!

[thanks to plip for the tip]

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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

The Cross, the Crescent and (now) the Crystal

Yet another example of religion bringing us together.

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Will Paint for Food

The Cooper Union Student Art Sale and Silent Auction is going on this weekend, December 16-18.

Stop by and get your hands on some fine works of art created by some of the best (and hungriest) art students in the nation. (Part of the proceeds also go to the School of Art so it may continue to nourish these young artists' souls—if not their stomachs.)

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Monday, 12 December 2005

Christmas Spirit


I don't know about you, but for me nothing brings the spirit of Christmas alive the way a block of Processed Cheese Food can. This block, courtesy of one of our gracious vendors at work, is also Pausterized, so I can eat it by the truckload with confidence.

Deck the halls with blocks of Cheese Food, fala lalala... la la. la. la...

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Mangled Grooves


Join me and the Animated Coochie Wonders this Thursday, December 15 as they join forces with DJ Larry Tee to bring you a night of Distortion Disko. Scandal is certain.

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Sunday, 11 December 2005

Sparks Fly


Congratulations are in order to my roomie, Randy Gibson, and his collaborator Johari Mayfield, whose piece Room was selected for the 2006 Spark Festival in Minessota. This honor was in no doubt attributed to the submission packet I designed for them (snippet above), but I do think credit should be given to the work as well, which is rather good.

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